Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chapter four "Lord, Change Me?"

Chapter four
Changed-When I study God's Word.

How did you make out reading Romans 12? Did you see in verse 1, SURRENDER ALL, verse 2 LET GOD TRANSFORM ME, NOT THE WORLD. Change the way THINKING, then you will learn to know GOD'S WILL.
So much more...But this verses stood out to me...What a great reminder and may I put it to practice in my life.

Deep Bible Study also produces Spiritual Maturity- Christlikeness in me.

In this chapter what stood out..

OBSERVATION: Observe accurately what the passage really says.
Purpose of a Bible Study is to let God be the Teacher.....

INTERPRETATION: Study what the tests says. Look up word meaning. Must spend time studying its meaning.

APPLICATION: Real change in us comes when we take the truths we have observed and interpreted and apply them to our lives.

Ask yourself these questions as you read God's Word.
1. What already was a part of my thinking?
2. What is new to me?
3. What requires a change in my thinking?
4. What already was a part of my actions?
5. What can be applied to my behavior?
6. What am I doing wrong?
7. What action can I take to obey now?

So apply the three: Observation, Interpretation, Application...this week ..

May you see a change in your life ...
Have a great Day..Deb

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