Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chapter 1 :Lord Change Me"

iChapter 1

Who , me change?
I'm doing  okay on the level
where I am.
You mean there's something
better than
what I have?

Do you like yourself pretty much as you are now? Or do you feel you could stand some changing?
Do you think you could have better relationships with people than you have now?
Can you think of a particular relationship that could be improved? Are you satisfied with your relationshp with God or could it be better also?

How God showed me this week where I needed to be changed. One thing I do struggle with is self worth .
 God you can use someone else that has more knowledge then I, But thankfully God showed me that I'm worthy ....I'm a child of the King!!!  Ephesians 4:1 Therefore I, a prisoner for serving the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God.
I see here God has chosen me(us) to be Christ's representatives on earth, in light of this truth, Paul challenges us to live lives worthy of the calling we have received-the awesome privilege of being called Christ's very own. This includes being humble, gentle, patient, understanding, and peaceful. People are watching your life. Can they see Christ in you?How well are you doing as his representative?
Just remember Satan will try to do ANYTHING to get your minds, heart and soul off Christ..He will do anything to discourage you..So DON'T SATAN win... CHRIST IS THE VICTORY!!!!

Becoming more Christlike-- Admitting that I(you) was the one who needed changing.
We are responsible before God for our actions and the changes that need to be made in us. Other people are responsible before God for their actions and need to change.

What is the goal of any change in our lives? Romans 8:29; I John 3;2
For the benefit of any non-Christians in the session, mention that only members of God's family-those who have accepted His gift of eternal life through faith in His Son Romans 6:23- can bear the 'family likeness of His Son: Romans 8:29.

Study I Peter 3:1-2

Some questions for you to think about.
How "chaste (pure) and reverent" would you rate your behavior on a scale of 1-10?
Are there any relationships with your family, close friends, and acquaintance you think could be improved? Consider those with your husband, wife, children, mother-in-law, and so forth.

Do you think the relationship would improve if the other person would only change? Stop doing so-and-so? Stop saying this or that?
How would others rate you on this scale? Do people have a tendency to tell you what they think of you rather than to observe your "chaste and reverent" behavior?
How would God rate you on this scale? As He looks at your life, do you think He feels all the problems in your relationships with others are always the other person fault? Does He see anything in your life that needs changing? How well do you know Him-as Saviour and Lord? Do you feel the need to pray, "Lord , change me today"?

Are you willing to change in any way He asks you to?
Do you honestly feel you could ask other people to " do as I do not as I say"?

Assignment: Pick one person toward whom his behavior needs to change....

Something to think about and apply to your life...Remember WWJD


  1. Encouraging post, actually kind of neat because this is something I've been thinking on lately. I was wondering; are the gifts/prizes at the women's retreats by donation??

    1. Danni,
      Thank you for the encouraging words. My prayer is to be uplifting, and share the Word of God to others and God will do the rest. If you would like a copy of the Book "Lord Change Me" please let me know and I will get one to you. It has been a great book and great reminder where I need to be at always., and yes most gifts and prizes are from donations.
      again thank you for coming to my blog and replying..You bless me so.
      God Bless; friend always from one farm girl too another:) hugs Deb