Sunday, February 12, 2017

Fiber Batt's done!

Had so much fun dying the fiber then, drum carding the fiber. Love the out come. Also have some on hand too sale. So if interested please message me.

Fiber Felting!

Oh! How I love too fiber felt, bring the picture alive or figure's. Here is some of my projects that I did. If anyone would like too order something special for a friend, loved one please contact me and and I'll let you know  what the cost would be.

 This was a special order for a lady in my community for her mom for Christmas! Used her mom"s goat fiber. It was so fun! Love how it came out. 
You can do so much with fiber felting.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Pricing changed on Goat Milk Soap!

Up Date on 2017 Prices on my goat milk has gone up alittle.
One bar is $5.28 or 3 for $13.19 these prices are including the taxes. Shipping is extra.

Hand-spun yarn!

Was productive yesterday and today, finishing up labeling and pricing my hand-spun yarn. Today will get my carded fiber batts done up as well. Will post later the finish project. So here is some of my hand-spun yarn for sale.
What rewarding work. Love it. Please if your interested in any of the hand-spun yarn please message me and will let you know on oz./prices/ etc.
Thank You and God Bless!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Nana's Firemen's Cap!

Here is the pattern I designed after a firemen wanted me to knit up a hat for him. (Once I see him he will be picking out a name for this  cap as well.) so many of you have blessed me so on your interest in the pattern. I'm so a giver so this is for you all. Someday maybe I will see or find away to sell my patterns. But for know I shower you with this. Please leave a comment and take a photo of your hat once done. Would love to see your finish knitted project.

Needle size 6 about (191 yards of handspun yarn)had 206 yard spun up and had 95 yards lefts)
CO 60
Row 1: K2; P2
Row 2 & 3; sl 1, increase, k2;p2 across
Row 4 & 5; sl 1, k2, p2 across
Contiune rows 2-5 until you have 71 stitches or desire length for neck too ear.
CO 25 join in round (total 96 stitches)
Continue rows 2-5 once more or again desire length.
Knit around until measures 5 to 5 1/2 inches
start to decrease: for top of cap
Row 6; *k10, k2 tog., pm, rep from * around
Row 7; k around
Row 8; *k 9, k2 tog. pm, rep from * around
Row 9; k around
Row 10; *k8, k2 tog. pm, rep from * around
continue decreasing in this matter until you have around 40 stitches lefts.
weave  ends. block your cap
there you have it.
Hope you all enjoy this pattern.

Please do not publish or sell this  pattern. Thank you.

God Bless and looking forward too seeing your finish protect..
hugs Deb

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Excited about sharing this .....

Dyed it, spun it up and made my own pattern. A man in my community wanted me too come up with a hat that would cover his ears and go over his firemen's ball cap. So what do you all think? Help me think of a name for this knitted wool hat. So excited he is going to show it to all the firemen in town. I better get started in dying more wool and get spinning and knitting.

Will post this week end the pattern and name of the firemen's hat I put together.