Thursday, October 24, 2013

Being a" Nana"

Most exciting news!!! I'm a "Nana" again...
My son and daughter-in-law had identical twin girls...What a Blessing and answer of prayer. My daughter-in-law has been bed rest in the hospital for over three months. The doctors didn't have much hope if she(our granddaughters would make it in the world. But guess what God had other plans...Love it when God shows His Power, Hand on his children. Oh! did I say also the girls were born one month earlier as well, and one of the girls weight was 6lbs and 14oz, and the other 5lbs and 6oz.
My hubby and I have been so blessed to have two beautiful grand girls. I want to share with you the two miracle twins.
Just got cleaned up: Welcome Evelyn and Lydia

Lydia and Evelyn winter hats I made for them!

What a awesome feeling holding my twin grandchildren. Bundle of JOY!

Just had to share this picture my daughter-in-law sent me of Evelyn....Isn't see such a doll....
Again want to Thank my Heavenly Father for the two precious girls and caring for my daughter-in-law as well. God does answer prayers folks don't ever doubt that. 
Proverbs 3:5,6 
God Bless you all; "Nana" Deb

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