Friday, April 5, 2013

James( one of the Twelve Disciples)

James:(son of Zebedee), he and his brother, John, were called the "Sons of Thunder"
Occupation: Fisherman
Outstanding Characteristics: Ambitious, short tempered, judgmental, deeply committed to Jesus
Major Events in His Life: Also in core group; he and his brother, John, asked Jesus for places of honor in his Kingdom; wanted to call fire down to destroy a Samaritan Village; first disciple to be martyred.
What Jesus Said about Him: Called James and John "Sons of Thunder" said he would fish for people, would drink the cup Jesus drank.
A key lesson from His life: Christians must be willing to die for Jesus.

Love studying about the Disciples.. it draws me closer to my walk with Christ.. You will see and studying the different things and characteristics. It shows that we can ALWAYS be forgiven if our hearts are right with God.
A Changed Heart and Willing Heart is what God wants to see and it will bless Him so...make this your prayer today...

the next Disciple will be John...
Have a Wonderful Day in the Lord! Hugs Deb

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