Monday, April 1, 2013

Forgiveness (Part 3)

For the Christian Who Cannot Forgive Himself or Herself;

I John 1:9....Restoration--Repent and Confess to God
Proverbs 28:13....Determine to Forsake any known Sin in your life
Acts 24:16......make right any known wrongs( It is important not only to confess and forsake sin, but also to make things right with anyone we may have wronged.)
I John 1:7......renewed fellowship will be the result

other scriptures for you
Isaiah 43:25
Matthew 6:14-15
Luke 23:34
John 8:36
Psalm 51

My prayer is that you get right with God always... He is there always for you waiting for you to come to Him.
May you allow the Holy Spirit Guide you always.
In Christ Love; Deb

Please comment or e-mail me what you might like me to share in the Word of God next...
will share more this week with you all.

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