Monday, March 18, 2013

Lord Change Me!

This has been my prayer ever sense I asked Jesus into my heart and life. The year of 1976. Praise the Lord for working in me and changing me day by day..To be more like Jesus is my goal...Shine bright for Him...bring other's to the the weak....encourage the saints. The list could go on and on...
I would like  to share this with you all.. I believe this will help you keep focus.
"Lord , Change Me" comes when I(YOU) let His Words abide, take up their residence, in me(you)(John15:7) . The change comes when I(YOU) am a doer of the Word and not a hearer only (James 1:22-25). For when I (YOU) look into the Bible and do not apply it, I(YOU) am like a person beholding my face in a mirror and immediately forgetting the mess I(YOU) see. But when I (YOU) look into God's Word and do what it says, then I (YOU) am changed into a blessed person.
 Changed-when I(YOU) study His Word. 

Ask God to "LORD, CHANGE ME"(YOU) over the next few weeks as you meet him daily in his Word. 
Please let me know how and what changes God has done in your life...Praise God for it as well...
In Christ Love; 

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