Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life is to short...

You will begin to heal when you let go
of past hurt, forgive those who
have wronged you and learn
to forgive yourself  for your mistakes.
(This was from Back Towards Light's photo)

My daughter couldn't say it any better... (It so does make a difference...Life is to short to be caught up on the past. The future is what we need to look to...) Thank you my sweet daughter for sharing this. It is so...true.

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  1. Life is indeed short. I have looked back after loved ones have passed with regret. I had thought about the several times I was going to visit so-and-so, or write a letter, and sadly, never did. I know that the dear ones would never hold it against me, but in a way, that bit of regret made me remember to never take this life for granted, and to reach out to others when I feel that "pull". I have long since forgiven myself.
    I love the baby goats! Babies are so cute! My rabbits had little kits and they are adorable! The quilts are so nice! That is a good idea, to put goodies in the pockets! Love always, Danielle