Friday, January 7, 2011

Nanna & Boomp's Adventure

Boomp, Ricky, and Zackery out for a first time snowshoeing adventure to the lean to. We gave them these small snowshoes that fit them perfectly. They just had to go out and try them. It was a beautiful sunny day and we went for a nice hike in the woods of Maine.

They couldn't wait to get some nice "ICE" cold water from Clarks Brook. They grabbed the Tin cup from the lean to and off they went down with Boomp to get a drink. Up they climbed with a refreshing cup of cold water for Nanna to drink.

Ricky is fascinated over his new snowshoes.

Zackery kept a close eye on Nanna to see just what and where I was.

Bruce (Boomp) is enjoying his trip down to the lean to with his Wife and Grandkids.

Resting while I am being served the ice cold water from the brook.

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