Monday, January 4, 2016

The New Year!

I have challenge myself to  1 Year Plan Daily Bible Reading Program "Chronological Plan" along with reading and soak it in what I read (which that is what we should do, not just read it and say there I did today's reading) I'm doing Bible Art Journeying as I read my daily reading. Wow! It has brought it too life and how I eagerly dig the Word of God.. God has so...much for us.

Also a very close friend and I are going too do it together and help each other to be accountable in are walk with Him. Praise the Lord for Friendships. So I encourage you to dig deeper in the Word of God and see what God has for you.. How exciting it is.

If any one would like to do this as well with us just email me and we can start the year together and share what God is doing in are walk with Him in the Word.

Happy New Year and may you keep your eye's on the Lord!
Hugs Deb

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  1. Hello! I hadn't been by your blog in a little while, so I thought I'd "stop in" Lol. Joe and I started a Bible reading plan too! I have been looking forward to this new year since about August last year! A fresh start feels so good! See you at the retreat Saturday! (Lord willing).