Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Ever Spinning Demo at Springfield Fair!

Labor Day Week end.... What fun we had showing and teaching children, ladies and men how to spin and get to know the Art of Spinning.

Want to thank Barb, Brook and Kim for being there and being a part of the wonderful week end.

We spun and spun and spun...carded and carded and carded....we got lots done with are fibers:)

Here is some picture's that I took...Enjoy and we encourage others at least try it will be hook.

Nature's Bounty Fiber Guild!

Kim showing the boys and girls how the wheel works..

Just a SPINNING!!!!Brook..


Father and Son...learning the art of Spinning.


Deb, Brook and Barb

Again Thank you Barb, Brook and Kim for being a part at the Fair...we had a BLAST!
Look forward to doing it again...

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