Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Twelve Disciples (number eight)

Well sorry it took me so long to get back . Hope you learn and enjoy the study on the Twelve Disciples.
Name: Thomas
Occupation: unknown
Outstanding Characteristcs: Courage and doubt
Major Events in His Life: Suggested the disciples go with Jesus to Bethany even if it meant death: asked Jesus about where he was going: refused to believe Jesus was risen until he could see Jesus alive and touch his wounds.
What Jesus Said about Him: Said Thomas believed because he actually saw Jesus after the Resurrection.
A Key Lesson from His Life: Even when Christians experience serious doubts, Jesus reaches out to them to restore their faith.
Selected References: Matthew 10:3 ; John 14:5; 20:24-29: John 21:1-13

God Bless; Deb

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