Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Scents--- Goat Milk Soap

These are the molds I use for my Goat Milk Soaps(snowflake mold- in some of the soap bars not all of them) what they  look like.
Soaps molds -- 3.5-4 oz bars each and 3.75"x 2.5"x 1.5"( snowflake bar 3.1 oz) most of my handmade soaps are in the Goat mold shape.
Lavender Lace:   Lavender Lace is one of our bestselling Goat Milk Soap, it has lavender buds mixed in. as the calming and soothing Lavender scent helps start to unwind.

Lilac:  It's one of my favorites. Growing up with Lilac bushes outside our living room window. It brings back great memories with my family. Oh! did I say this scent give a smell of SPRING!

Dozen of Roses:  Fresh cut Roses, brings back memories of my first bouquet of flowers from my husband.

Happy Camper:  Folks who enjoy the outdoors will really appreciate this Goat Milk Soap, because it has a couple of natural bug repellents- citronella and eucalyptus oils blended in. Help chase away mosquito's and biting insects.

Peppermint Patty:  Smells Yummy, and great for chocolate lovers..mixed with real dark cocoa, what a great gift to give.

Candy Cane: A straight peppermint reminds you of Christmas time. It is beginning to smell like Christmas!

Unscented:  Goat Milk Soap is fragrance Free! And those guys who don't like fragrances. Also Great for Hunters!

Maine Woods::  Want a touch of Maine fir, this is the soap for you. Refreshing, clean mountain air woods. One of my favorites!

Pumpkin Spice: Mmmm....sweet and spicey scented smells warmly of a pumpkin pie. Great memories of Thanksgiving with family.

Lemongrass,lemon/mint: A strong lemongrass citrus fragrance with subtle of dried mint mixed in. Repels mosquito's which makes this an excellent choice to take along when your hiking , camping or working in the woods.

Lemon/ Basil: Smell heavenly , and refreshing!(dried basil mixed in)

Sweet Orange/Lemon Balm: Juicy sweet orange slices with a hint of dried Lemon Balm mixed in.

 More Goat Milk Soap scents in the making.
Rosemary: A restorative and relaxing anti-oxidant
Cedar Wood/Lavendar: Nice Dog Soap!
Cedar wood: Great for camping, also Can be used on Dogs to repel insects..
$5.00 a bar  or three for $12.50

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