Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Shimmering Quality

Passage: Genesis 1:27-31
Author: Claire Cloninger
Devotion this morning I read.

Just thinking about Eden sometimes gives me an ache in my chest. I find myself wondering about the pure and shimmering quality of life there that somehow slipped through our fingers.

Just picture it. It was nothing to begin with. Nothing. And then God opened his mouth and spoke, and when he did everything started taking shape. He used his words to make a world! He called forth forces of symmetry and beauty and great power. He laid boundaries of order and balance and proportion. With the precision of a master clock maker he set in motion the weights and wheels of a perfect creation. And then, seeing the beauty of his own handiwork, he proclaimed with pride, "Good . Good." And 'Very good."

Light, darkness, sky, land, water, winds and tides; plants, trees, sun, moon, stars and planets. And animals- flying, soaring, swimming, loping, crawling, galloping. All things in their vast array he created.

Then finally he created human beings, both male and female his shining glory, whom he put in charge of it all.

WOW! God's word is so touching and convicting.... I pray you will pray and meadate on God's word today as I have.

Elections are going to come soon and in these verse's I see. He created human beings, both male and female his shining see that!!! for His shining glory One Man + One Woman..

So my two cent's worth.. Don't Redefine Marriage. Vote NO on question One.

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