Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Story Eggs

Easter Story Eggs

Hope you enjoy and most of all share this with someone. I have used them for lots of things such as church and Sunday School activities and have used them just to hand out as a witness tool.

The following is the version I was given, although I've seen a few versions since
There are many things that could be added but I like this version because it is concise and simple. For Christians, we may find all the little added items interesting but if we are using it as a witness tool to share the Resurrection story you need to remember that most people will not read through a long list of items but might take the time to glance over a short list of them. Also a simple list of items is great for kids to digest rather than a long list of them. It's easier for them to remember a few things from the story rather than throwing out everything at once.

    Warning: Please don't give these to smaller children because they are full of tiny objects.

    What You Will Need For Each Story Egg:

  • Plastic Easter Eggs To fill with the symbols.
  • 8-10 inch Tulle or Netting Circles (depends on size of eggs used)
  • Ribbons
  • Penny (to represent the 30 pieces of silver Judas used to betray Christ.
  • Leather Strip (to represent the reed used to beat Christ)
    You can usually find on rolls at craft stores.
  • Nails (to represent the nails used to nail Christ to the cross)
  • Thorn (to represent the crown of thorns placed on Christ's head)
    I usually cut pieces of stem from rose bushes in about 1 1/2 inch lengths.
  • Cross (to represent the cross he was placed upon)
    I usually find small twigs and cut them to size,
    using a dot of hot glue to glue them together.
  • Linen (to represent the linen cloth they wrapped Christ in after His death)
    Any white material will do.
    I usually cut it into approximately 1 inch squares.
  • Stone (to represent the stone placed in the opening of the tomb)
    Just make sure they are small enough to fit inside the eggs along with all of the other symbols.
  • Story Tag With Symbol Meanings and Scriptures You'll find the tags below.
Place one of each item inside plastic eggs. Fold the story tag to place inside egg. To make them a little dressier, tie egg up with tulle, punch a hole in corner of card and attach with ribbons.

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